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Depends if you have grown up or not in the US, it will be the magnitude of your understanding

Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison



This is a quirky book. The man is an African American speaking in first person from beginning to end, Throughhout the narrative he tells part of his life story and surrounding events from a sociological standpoint, that is what is being an African American and how this relates to every event of your life. He is from the Deep South and end up in New York where his life takes a wide turn after witnessing an eviction of the dispossesed. The book has dramatic intensity to keep the reader glued but at some points the expression of his internal conflicts climb to a point where is difficult to understand what the author had in mind, more a pamphlet than a tale. I think that if you are American born you will have more elements to understand this book, if you are foreign as myself you get sometimes scratching the surface
This monologue was placed among the best 100 books written in the 20th century