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Gruesome, shrewd thriller

Wolf - Mo Hayder

A home is took over by a couple of men, the family is kidnapped and subjected to a harrowing ordeal,… there might be a reason behind this, and,….


If you think you know everything about crime novels, take a challenge and read this one. This multilayered suspenseful storyline will be a tough contender, and I bet that the author will outsmart you no matter how you experienced you are reading mysteries and thrillers


The sharp-witted author know how to play with the characters and focus the attention of the reader at ease in the direction she wants, using an insightful descriptive language, great storytelling skills, and deceitful turn of events , 


Many surprises, cunning twists, and red herrings galore, there are not pits of boredom, the plot keeps the same intensity all the way to the end


This novel was indicated by the New York Times books section as a noteworthy option for those seeking a great read and I fully agree