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Tantalizing, mind boggling

The Son - Jo Nesbø

For those readers not familiar with author Jo Nesbo “The Son” does not line up with the typical sleuth cat and mouse crime novel found in several writers of the genre, Nesbo likes to elaborate on the ethical, social and psychological angles as well, bordering on the criticism of everyday reality, this provides the plot with lots of ingredients to make it eye-opening, intellectually exciting, and entertaining, in addition, it has some touches of the espionage and whodunit tales, dappled with lively characters, thrown over a background of dark topics like corruption in the Oslo police and the street junkies underworld, (surprising and self-contradictory as Norway ranks among the richest and less corrupt countries in the world). 
Usually, in his books, Nesbo uses to go to the extreme with twisted plots, this time he has done it again, but the reader will not get lost trying to tie loose ends, nothing looks blurred, everything was crafted to fit in place, and concluded with a jaw-dropping twist reserved for the ending, For Nesbo fans who learned to love his serial detective blockbuster novels, “The Son”, a stand alone yarn, will not dissapoint, it is the product of a more mature, experienced writer, so I would say.. “Who needs Harry Hole…?”