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Primal Fear - William Diehl

…A Bishop with an eminent standing in the local community  is sadistically murdered by a teenager who was under his care, to the point that beyond the large amount of  mortal wounds inflicted all over his body, his genital organs end up stuffed in his mouth .The potential perpetrator is a teenager suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Was he or his alter ego ?, is he accountable if his alter ego has done it ?, is multiple personality disorder a recognized mental disease ?, is the physical evidence found in the room where the crime took place good enough beyond reasonable doubt to nail the accused and punish him with the electric chair ?..., Is this situation real or is the accused actually faking  the disorder? Was the murder premeditated ? Who is the Bishop indeed ?

Legal psycho thriller, with two great caracter developments, Vail,the flamboyant fiery defense attorney who is defending the teenager pro bono, and  Aaron the defendant,  who acts as an individual with two turning personalities, Aaron the gifted innocent hilbilly boy, and Roy the mean sadistic beast who cannot tell good from evil.  

Then second half of the book where the ardent criminal trial unfolds, featuring lost of interesting questioning, is far more interesting and better writtten that the first half of the book which encompasses the heinous criminal act and ensuing investigation,  the ending holds a great surprise, making the whole book worth reading.