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SK takes aside his horror show and engages with crime fiction

Mr. Mercedes - Stephen King




I have found a crime fiction novel, gripping from the beginning, first half of the book features  great character development, There is Bill Hodges a divorced retired cop having a dull life with an apparently no purpose anymore to fill his days than watch TV shows alone at home, and Brady Hartsfield a young man angry with life carrying a heavy psychological trauma out of a distressing childhood.  SK as the master storyteller he is has attained a great deal flashing back to Brady childhood, SK worlds convey an accurate portrayal of the drama, surrounding his family story

Brady takes revenge with society and commits a mass murder using a Mercedes stolen car smashing an innocent crowd, the case was unsolved by Hodges when he was an active cop and now Hodges receives his taunting unexpected letter challenging to catch him. From then on SK commits the rest of the book to his cat and mouse chase storyline giving life to other elements useful to the purpose like secondary characters and brief references about the Middle West lakeside fiction town where all events take place.

Action suspense is good and as in every crime fiction novel scheme he boils everything up to the end, there are also cunning twist and turns adding spice to an already exciting plot

If I compare this SK product to accomplished crime fiction writers work, I can say that it is good enough to satisfy the lovers of the genre