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Compelling but not great

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The Heist - Daniel Silva



Gripping novel featuring underlying ethical and moral messages, the plot is rife with action and intrigue, there is background research to shore up the tale and add imagery. Silva reveals a possible scam ruthless dictators rely on to conceal money stolen from the poor countries they rule on, he does not got down to the tiny details but leaves eye opening concepts and ideas surrounding ways of fraud. Allon character is improving but yet there is more to do in terms of character development before he can be perceived as having a life of his own. The story is supported by the ongoing conflict raging in the Middle East particularly in the Syrian civil war and the ISIS menace, so very up to date. I can say that the novel is good but not a great Silva work. Just another average Gabriel Allon series coming out the production line where his customary readers have to put up with the same character introductions made in past books of the series. With "The English Lady" I thought there was a breakthrough in terms of action suspense quality, but looks like Silva is turning back to his old repetitive scheme where he seems to feel confortable.