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Mystery novel with a spiritual glow

Ordinary Grace: A Novel - William Kent Krueger

The storyline can be divided in two, the first half of the book is used to set the scene, telling the customs and mannerisms of New Bremen, a Minnesota valley river town in the 60´s focusing on the family of the town pastor, Nathan, this is closely associated to the author childhood experiences, (the tale is told by a thirteen year old boy, Frank, Nathan´s son ) and the second half supports on the precedent elements to outline the mystery, spreading out the pieces of the puzzle to solve, who and what is behind the dissapearance and murder of Ariel, the eldest daugher of this town church pastor, Frank`s elder sister
This novel got an Edgar Winning Award, it has well drawn characters, the plot has not the cop rough wording usually employed in the crime fiction, since it was beautifully written with a spiritual spin, in line with the characters, every tragedy brings about the application of universal values to judge everything behind a cautious ethic filter that sets the tone of several chapters, the author wishes to convey a message leaving several pieces of wisdom to leave the reader with something worth to ponder on
I guessed right about the ending, unfortunately, since the biggest thrill is to be fooled by the author, but this situation in no way tarnishes the quality of the book as a whole